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traceysketchit replied to your post: Hey Ritchie! Long time no see, eh? You should come by the lab sometime so we can catch up!

Everything’s been okay! The Professor has been in some drama lately, which I will gladly gossip to you about once you get here! Haha. You should come soon, I’d love for you to spend the holidays with me. :] How’s Sparky!?

I’d love to hear some gossip, especially if it’s about the professor! Haha. I’m free for the next couple of days since I’m home, when would you like to meet up? Sparky’s fine, he’s been so determined to become stronger. He even has to remind me to train him at times! How’s your marill?

Anytime is fine, really! Just drop on by. I’m glad about Sparky, and Marill is doing fine, as energetic as always, haha.

Tracey had left the Professor alone at night, but after checking his email he heard the diatinct sounds of the door being opened, they had a guest. He opened his door a crack, and herd the distinct voice of his employer and another softer voice. “Oh, it’s Delia,” he thought to hinself, recognizing the voice of Ash’s mom. He wondered why she’d come at such a late hour and hoped it had nothing to do with Ash being in danger on his homecoming. After dropping eaves for a bit, he found it to be a curious conversation on Delia’s love life, and was even more surprised that Ash’s lost father was home.

He then decided to peek from the staircase, when he saw Oak kiss Delia. “Woah! You go Prof!” he said to himself, impressed at the man’s forwardness, but he assumed it was the alcohol he’d drunken earlier. He decided to stop being a snoop and called it a night. The bussiness of adults was solely their own, but he hoped at least one of them would confide in him later.

Such dedication… to your… work. One… could admire… that. Perhaps… I can try… to dig up… some of my… papers for… you to read. Or maybe… I can show you… what I’ve… been working… on… Huhuhu…~

That would be quite interesting, Doctor!

herrdoktornils-deactivated20130 asked:
Professor Oak... hmmm...? Must be... quite the... job to work... alongside... such a brilliant... mind. As for... my papers, I... just wrote... a few dissertations... on the... effects of Pokemon... genes in... humans.

It’s basically my life, but I wouldn’t give it up for the world! Hmmm, that sounds extremely interesting! I’d love to read more.

pumpkinlancaster-deactivated201 asked:
Hello there! Thanks for the follow!

Hi, I’m Tracey, Pokemon Watcher, nice too meet you! No need to thank me, I love making new friends!

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